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Within the framework of the European EDEN project – European Destinations of ExcelleNce, SPIRIT Slovenia, Slovenian Tourist Board will, for the fifth year in a row, carry out the selection procedure for the European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia.

Fifth European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia - Laško
The theme of this year's selection is Accessible Tourism that represents tourism for everyone notwithstanding their physical or psychological limitations. Persons with special needs and the elderly are able to use tourist products in a functionally independent, righteous and dignifying manner.

Types of accessible tourism include:
  • accessible tourism for movement-impaired persons (disabled persons on wheelchairs and those who travel with children in wheelchairs),
  • accessible tourism for sensory-impaired persons (blind and partially sighted, deaf and hard of hearing persons),
  • accessible tourism for persons with intellectual and psychological impairment,
  • accessible tourism for the elderly,
  • accessible tourism for persons who have problems with regard to tourism (diabetes, allergies, vegetarians, vegans, etc.).

The Slovenian destinations of excellence – Soča Valley , Solčavsko Region, Kolpa River and Idrija that gained the prestigious title European Destination of Excellence in the years 2008-2011 has in 2013 joined the fifth European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia - Laško.

EDEN project
Phone: +386 1 5898 578

Projekt je delno financiran s sredstvi programa Evropske unije za konkurenčnost in inovativnost (CIP).


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In previous years six destinations of excellence were chosen in Slovenia: in 2008 The Soča Valley , in 2009 The Solčavsko region , in 2010 The Kolpa river , in 2011 Idrija, in 2013 Laško and in 2015 Brda

European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN Destinations in Slovenia are presented on tourist’s sites of www.slovenia.info portal:

EDEN 2008: The Soča Valley
EDEN 2009: The Solčavsko region
EDEN 2010: The Kolpa river
EDEN 2011: Idrija
EDEN 2013: Laško
EDEN 2015: Brda

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