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Tourism and Regeneration of Physical Sites


Former mines, monasteries, castles, museums, and adventure sites in buildings, where you would not expect them – Slovenia is replete with such diversities! Revival of immovable cultural heritage creates new surprises for visitors, who want to experience the green country in a new, surprising way.

As a site, which connects its attractiveness with heritage enriched with new tourist experiences, IDRIJA, the town with the former world-renowned mercury mine, received the title of the European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia for 2011!

You’re also welcome to visit the finalists: mines in Velenje and Mežica and the Žiče Charterhouse in the mysterious valley of St. John the Baptist.

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EDEN 2011: Idrija

The title was won by Idrija with Stories of past centuries. ...more

EDEN Network

Among the many different aims of the EDEN initiative, one is to create a platform for the exchange of good ...more
In previous years six destinations of excellence were chosen in Slovenia: in 2008 The Soča Valley , in 2009 The Solčavsko region , in 2010 The Kolpa river , in 2011 Idrija, in 2013 Laško and in 2015 Brda

European Destinations of Excellence - EDEN Destinations in Slovenia are presented on tourist’s sites of www.slovenia.info portal:

EDEN 2008: The Soča Valley
EDEN 2009: The Solčavsko region
EDEN 2010: The Kolpa river
EDEN 2011: Idrija
EDEN 2013: Laško
EDEN 2015: Brda

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