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EDEN '09: Solčavsko

Solčavsko is a district of three valleys below the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanke range. LOGARSKA DOLINA is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe; ROBANOV KOT is the valley of large mountain farms; MATKOV KOT, the smallest of the three valleys, is full of surprises. The Solčavsko Panoramic Route leads to the Church of the Holy Spirit, the starting point for the route to the POTOČKA ZIJALKA cave below Olševa. Twenty thousand years ago Ice Age hunters lived here! The extensive Natura 2000 area is evidence of the excellent state of conservation of the natural environment, a cause for admiration and respect and an invitation to discovery and enjoyment. In summer the valleys are the starting point for hillwalking tours, hikes and mountain biking. In winter, for ski touring, cross-country skiing and tobogganing. In this land of big old farms, venerable trees, waterfalls, mountain huts and mountain peaks, you can experience ancient stories and spoil yourself with typical local specialities made with organically produced ingredients.

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The alpine valleys of Logarska Dolina, Robanov Kot, Matkov Kot :: The Solčavsko Panoramic Route and the permanent exhibition on Potočka Zijalka :: The Solčava Yew


The TOLMIN GORGES are one of the most beautiful points of entry into the Triglav National Park, and at the same time one of the most accessible. One particularly memorable experience is the nature trail running along the deep narrows of the crystal-clear Tolminka and Zadlaščica rivers, past a hot spring and the wedge-shaped rock known as the Bear's Head, to Dante's Cave, the inspiration for the description of the Inferno in Dante's Divine Comedy, and then back across the Devil's Bridge, 60 metres above the river. The wild gorges, roughly 200 metres long and between 5 and 10 metres wide, are an outstanding natural monument that you can discover by following this circular trail. The trail has been planned with special respect for nature. Around the gorges, the Land of Living Water tourist attraction has been developed according to sustainable principles. Together with the Soča Valley it offers an extraordinary historical and cultural heritage, unique monuments of nature, summer festivals and opportunities for sports of all kinds in a natural environment.

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The Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca, an EU heritage site :: Kobarid Museum :: Kozjak Waterfall

Kozje - Bistrica ob Sotli - Krško

The KOZJANSKO APPLE FESTIVAL is just one of the attractions of this area in which sub-Alpine hills meet hilltop vineyards and the plains along the river Sotla meet the traditional meadow orchards that enrich the attractive appearance of the landscape. The traditional festival takes place every year on the second weekend in October. The Kozjansko Regional Park (Kozjanski Park) protects a rich cultural heritage in a well-conserved natural environment. Walks along the network of footpaths constantly reveal new details about the life of nature. The orchards of Kozjansko are the habitat of rare and endangered birds: here you can watch them, listen to them and photograph them. Sustainable orchard management provides apples and other fruit and an abundance of apple juices, vinegar, perry, traditional dried apples and pears and other good things.
Other attractions in the park, besides the meadow orchards, include a diversity of natural sights, ethnological features, castles, old mills, and so on.

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Slovenia's most castle-like castle – Podsreda Castle :: The international Kozjansko Apple Festival :: meadow orchards
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