One of the greatest challenges to Slovenian tourism is effective placement of Slovenia as a tourist destination on the web. A strong presence in all segments of e-business, e-marketing, and online sales are key for better sales results and the strengthening of the "I FEEL SLOVENIA" brand. E-business and e-marketing are developing rapidly, and therefore fast steps are necessary to keep up with online trends. 

Slovenian Tourist Board also competes in this global race for as many visitors, friends, and followers as possible with its official tourism information portal www.slovenia.info and its presence on all the major social networks. We strive towards offering a user-friendly web portal, which is an important part of our internet presence. By optimising the portal content and structure and with efficient advertising campaigns we are raising our placement in web browsers. By employing an efficient and strategic approach we are managing sites on social networks, such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, InstagramPinterest and Foursquare.

The new methods of managing internet presence through continuously developing online solutions require a change in strategies and deeply-rooted beliefs with regard to online activities. It has become clear that ignoring social networks is not an option any more. The large number of potential buyers and visitors that are present in these media requires a lot of attention and effort from every business. In the appendices we therefore offer you some guidelines, advice and instructions, which we have accumulated during the preparation of our social network strategy and our work in the field of e-business.


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