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The Slovenian Tourist Board, the umbrella national organisation for the planning and implementation of promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination, is among the first recipients of the Family-Friendly Certificate – not just among public institutions but among tourism industry organisations too, in this way proving that as well as ensuring the green and sustainable development of Slovenian tourism, it knows how to listen to the wishes of staff with regard to the balancing of work and family obligations. We are well aware that the dynamics of work in the tourism sector mean that the latter are often neglected, so in 2010 we adopted 16 family-friendly measures.

These measures relate to working hours, the organisation of work, information and communication policy, management skills, human resources development and family services.

STB director Maja Pak: "We have tackled the outlined activities very responsibly because we are aware that for staff a family-friendly approach means increased motivation for work, a greater sense of belonging to the organisation, better productivity, greater job satisfaction and a reduction of stress."

We hope that this Family-Friendly Certificate will encourage more tourism companies, associations and organisations to ensure themselves a competitive advantage through corporate social responsibility, an area that includes the introduction of a family-friendly policy. We firmly believe that by increasing the job satisfaction of the over 40,000 tourism workers in Slovenia, we can ensure an even higher level of quality of tourism services and hospitality for all tourists who visit Slovenia.

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