Sport activities

Visitors to Slovenia can indulge in a wide variety of sports and other recreational activities.
Most resorts and health centers in Slovenia have well maintained tennis courts, some of which allow winter use. Rental of tennis equipment is available at some tennis centers as well as the services of a tennis pro.
With its natural location and variety of terrain, Slovenia is one of the most attractive countries for ballooning enthusiasts. In 1994, the 9th European Hot-Air Balloon Championships were organized in Murska Sobota and Ptuj.
Diving in Slovene rivers, lakes, and sea is permitted everywhere except in the fish hatchery in Lake Bohinj and in shipping lanes and harbour areas. The police issue diving permits.
Diving in karst caves in Slovenia is also permitted, but only under the supervision of a professional guide.
Slovenia still has many fishing areas which have kept their natural beauty and have not been spoiled by water management projects. In Slovenia the fisherman can find fast clear alpine rivers and lakes, dreamy karst waters, meadow streams, lower mountain rivers, and extremely interesting intermittent karst lakes which offer a rare opportunity to become familiar with the most varied natural biotopes and their distinct conditions.
The Fisheries Research Institute administers some of the most typical and best preserved Slovene fishing regions on the Soča (Isonzo), Sava Bohinjka, Radovna, Krka, and Unec rivers. In these rivers, stocks of the most diverse fish are carefully and well maintained, among which some of the salmonids endemic to the Adriatic river system represent a special treasure.
In Slovenia's hunting areas you can hunt brown bear, roe and red deer, wild boar, chamois, moufflon, fallow deer, small game (hare, pheasant, duck), and small predators (pine marten, fox, stone marten, badger).

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