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St. Peter's Church in Radeče

Radeče 1433 Radeče
St. Peter's Church is located in the eastern part of Radece, along the old main road from Radece to Zidani Most, which crosses the Sava River over the Old Iron Bridge. The original church is supposed to have been built on this spot – but 5 steps lower than the present road level – in the late Romanesque period (13th century) and was first mentioned in 1429. According to ancient sources, the church was appropriately oriented, 16.6 metres long, 7.7 metres wide and 7 metres high. Its floor wasn't bricked. After acquiring the status of a parish church in 1618, the St. Peter's was renovated; a 2.8 metres wide Chapel of St. Florian in the shape of the northern nave was added to the northern side of its nave. Nothing remains of the original Romanesque church from the beginning of the 13th century; while the former presbitery – which serves as a chapel now – represents the only remnant from the renovation during the gothic period, a part of the furnishing still remains from the baroque church. The present neo-baroque church was built in the years of 1910-1911 and was designed by the architect Josip Vancas. A church-tower and the southern facade of the ˝transverse˝ nave were added in 1923 and 1924. The north-oriented St. Peter's church is composed of a rectangular nave with a vestry and a chapel – former presbitery, as already mentioned – on its eastern side and a narrower presbitery of the same height on the western side of the church. The neo-baroque facade is richly structured. The interior is shaped by three naves with a ˝transverse˝ only indicated in the ground plan. The whole church is vaulted and illuminated through 15 coloured windows. The chapel has a ribbed starry gothic arch. The high altar is regarded to be a quality baroque piece of art, which was partially reshaped during the neo-baroque period. While some of the statues stem back from the baroque period, the rest of the furnishings originates from the neo-baroque period. Find out more about Radece at  

GPS Northing (N) : 46,068 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,183 
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Administrator : JZKTRC Radeče | ++386 3 568 79 40 |
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