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Ptujska Gora, Church of the Virgin Protectress (Marija Zaščitnica)

Ptujska gora, Ptujska gora, 2323 Ptujska Gora
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The pilgrimage Church of the Holy Mother, votive establishment of the Lords of Ptuj, stands on a hill with a view above the Ptujsko polje plain. Below the plateau with the church is the village square and a part of the remains of the encampment against the Turks. The entrance stairs of the encampment are ornamented with decorative Baroque sculptures, out of which St. Florian is the most outstanding. The creator of the sculptures is Jožef Straub. By the stairs stands a preserved pillory.

The church was built as a promissory sanctuary after 1398 by the Styrian nobility. It was probably completed before 1420. The architecture of the gradated basilica style hall church, the frescos and sculptures from Ptujska Gora are at the peak of quality of Gothic artistic creations in our territory.  It is tied to the time around the year 1400 and the influences of the Prague construction workshops.

The modest exterior under the wide saddle roof is decorated with gradating pillars. The entrance portal is accentuated, and above it stands a simple tower. Three naves make up the floor plan of the church, which are concluded by apses and divided by sheaf-like stone columns. The doorposts of the main portal are decorated with shallow relief by the sculptor Viktorj Gojković.

The main nave is slightly gradated. The vaulting of the central nave is braided and before the altar area it is concluded in star vaulting, while the side isles are cross-vaulted. Among the quality Gothic sculpture fittings, the following stand out: the famous Virgin Protectress with Mantle (chiselled around 1400) - today in the main altar, originally in the ending of the  portal, the side altar of St. Sigismund and the Rosary altar. On the console of the pillar of the south nave stands a full-figured statue of St. Jacob, the work of the master by the same name, who was the highest quality sculptor in the church. Special attention should by paid to all the minute figures sheltered below the Virgin's mantle, where the noble with their retinue as well as simple people seek protection. In the south apse stands a stone Gothic baldachin canopied Celje altar, ornamented with figural and vegetation ornaments and Celje coats-of-arms (master of Ptujska Gora portal angels). The creator of the Baroque pulpit is Peter Marnzeller (1762). The organs in the church are dated 1696. In the windows are glass partitions that have minor colour harmony.

In the Cross Chapel at the entrance there is the only preserved painting in the church from around 1425, attributed to Christopher and Erasmus from Bruneck. Experts rank it among one of the best Gothic frescoes from the period of soft style in the Štajeska region. The Gothic relief of the Virgin's death has been moved into the vicarage and several other chiselled works into the winter chapel. The parish church is regularly maintained and open.


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