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Benko house

Črni Kal 46 6275 Črni Kal
A homestead with the stone house stands on the lower edge of a condensely built village core that stands on a flysch incline under the Karst edge. The area was already populated in prehistoric times. Since the 11th century there have been fortifications in the village.

The farm is comprised of two objects arranged in a string. The left building is newer; at the rebuilding in 1921 only two inscriptions in the Glagolitic alphabet were preserved on the façade. The building on the right, a low and stout two-storey building and with a dug-in cellar, is the Benko House, the oldest known signed and dated object of folk architecture in Slovenia, with traces of simultaneous late-Gothic and Romanesque design.

The Benko House is built of chiselled limestone and marl stone block. The thick walls supported the steep stone roof, which has been reconstructed. The house has to basic levels and each of them has only one room. The lower level was the barn and a place for keeping tools; the upper one, which is accessible from the opposite side, were the simple living quarters.  The monumental appearance is complemented by small window openings and two rounded portals.  On the west side of the house is a semicircular closed portal with an inscription stating that the house was built in 1489 by the masters Andrej (Andrew) and Benko (Benjamin)- (Andreas et Benco construxerunt). Another interpretation of the inscription talks about the owners named Andrejašič and Bažec. The oldest year of origin is supposed to be even 1457. The house was thoroughly renovated with the help of conservators in 1990.

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GPS Northing (N) : 45,5499 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,879 
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