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Štatenberg, Manor and Garden

Štatenberg 86 2321 Makole
++386 2 803 02 16, ++386 2 803 02 16
Štatenberg is a two-storey Baroque manor with a garden, built on an elevation with a view above the settlement of Makole. It was an original design and was constructed in one stroke. Count Ignaz Maria Attems had it built before 1697. The symmetrically designed Baroque manor is comprised of a basic wing and three lower wings that gradually form a kind of frame around the interior courtyard.  Inside, a small Baroque garden was arranged. The lower, entrance wing has a wide entrance hall from the courtyard side, decorated with rich stuccowork  that continues into the axis of the main wing and into the portal towards the road. On the left and right are smaller residential areas, where the remains of the fittings and furniture have been preserved.

Across the yard and two flights of stairs, the premises turn into a painted representational two-storey hall of the central wing of the manor. Allegories on the ceiling of the hall, framed with the stuccowork, illustrate ancient mythology - Science and Arts under the wings of peace and the four elements: air, earth, water and fire. According to less dependable data, Joseph S. Sereni, Jožef Quadri and the painter Joannecky are considered to be among the authors. In the side areas are some quality ovens and parts of presentational fittings. In the west wing of the building there is a Baroque chapel. The altars for it were made by Martin Baselij. After World War II the manor was renovated and then again after 1989. The new owners have left the interior severely neglected.

A garden was arranged around the manor in Baroque style. Later the area was rearranged in English landscape style. The scheme has been partly preserved. The north access path is planted with a chestnut promenade. At the edge of the plateau by the manor, the axis levels out and leads to the north wing of the manor. The inner courtyard is a partly reconstructed parterre with six fields outlined by sandy paths.  The larger fields are rimmed with box trees. The axis by the south wing of the manor is finished off with a belvedere, which concludes the whole complex as a viewing point above the valley. By the side wings, there are smaller patches of grass planted in regular shapes. On the west side of the manor, there is a small level area where tall trees grow. The wider area of the park is planted with native and non-native trees.  Wavy paths wind through them. On the west the park area leads into the forest, where there are several ponds. The park has been partly reconstructed. The manor, park and wider surroundings have been preserved as the regional park Štatenberg.


TGP Štatenberg, d.o.o. 
Partizanska 38 
Slovenska Bistrica 
Teléfono : ++386 2 818 12 31 
Fax : ++386 2 818 01 78 
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Página de Internet : www.impol.si 

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,3295 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,6644 


Destino turístico: Maribor - Pohorje
Lugar: Štatenberg
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