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The Neighbourhood Drašiči Vineyard Cottage

Drašiči, Drašiči, 8330 Metlika
++386 31 306 180
The Drašiči neighbourhood is a way of connecting villagers in a rural community or parish. It is a form of rural self-governance based on common economic interests of farmers (winegrowers) in Drašiči, Krmačina and Železniki villages when regulating the issues relevant to the entire community. These issues are related to managing and exploitation of common land and other property, tidying and maintenance of the branch church and chapels, and management of the neighbourhood vineyard cottage.

The Drašiči neighbourhood with the vineyard cottage neighbourhood (like other neighbourhoods in Bela krajina) emerged after the 17th century. Its beginnings are most likely associated with establishment of the Sv. Peter Branch Church in Drašiči. In the vineyard cottage, which is a gathering space of the village community, they used to keep the wine gathered from members of the neighbourhood, and this wine was then lent and sold to villagers. Wine debts were cut on tallies and later recorded in debt books. Upon repayment of debts, they collected the wine interest in kind, which amounted to 50 % (for a litre of borrowed wine, it was necessary to pay back one litre and a half). When villagers ran out of wine in their own wine cellars, they usually borrowed it in the vineyard cottage. Almost always it happened in spring or in summer farm work. They repaid their debts soon after harvest, when the must had not become wine yet, so that it could ferment in common barrels in the neighbourhood’s wine cellar.

Operations in the vineyard cottage were managed by two men („šekutar“) elected by the neighbourhood's members, and they were also in charge of common assets in the vineyard cottage and the collection of wine debts.

Operations of the Drašiči neighbourhood and its wine cellar have not been terminated during all the years after the Second World War.

The Drašiči neighbourhood has ensured a thorough external and internal renovation of the Branch Church in the last decade, and in 1999, they also renovated the building and the surrounding of the neighbourhood's wine cellar. For several years, they have used this cellar to show the operations of the only „bank“ still alive – a rental of common, neighbourhood's wine in Bela krajina – to groups of tourists, and offer them to taste and buy the wine produced by local winegrowers.  

Soseska zidanica Drašiči (Anton Kostelec) 
Tel. : ++386 31 306 180 

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GPS Northing (N) : 45,6657 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,3742 


Place: Drašiči
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