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Ljubljana, House from Emona

Mirje 4 1000 Ljubljana
Jakopič Garden, named after Rihard Jakopič's father, who was a famous greengrocer in Trnovo, lies above Emonska Street on the north edge of Mirje. The family lived in the house by the street, where the younger Jakopič later had his studio. In the yard and former garden of the house is one of the oldest monuments in Ljubljana: the remains of the Roman city of Emona, which was located in this area after the year 14.

The garden rises up to a walled-in corner, the preserved southeast part of Emona. Under patches of ground in the garden, archaeologists discovered the remains of house 15 A. The stone ruins originate from the 1st to the 5th centuries. After the excavations, the experts presented the basement parts of the central heating, hypocaust, and parts of the floor and pavements, and the edge walls of houses with modestly painted rough coatings. The pavements are even made up of simple mosaics. Some inscriptions and panels shed some additional light on the residing culture. In front of the house, part of the street and sewage system has been reconstructed.The foot of the latrine and several stone objects have been brought in from the neighbourhood.

The exhibition area is open regularly in the summer season. The City Museum (Mestni Muzej), where the keys of the fence of the complex are kept, is responsible for it. The same museum takes care of the Christian complex with a baptistery and mosaics, which is hidden behind the Majda Vrhovnik Primary School by Erjavčeva Street. In the museum has a rich collection of small, mostly glassy finds. The rest of the finds are kept in the depots of the National Museum (Narodni muzej).

The majority of the remains of the Roman city presented in an open area are freely accessible: the south Roman wall, the course of the Roman wall along the Vegova Street, the hypocaust stones at the edge of Plečnikov trg, part of the west walls by the entrance to the Ivan Cankar Cultural Centre, the tomb of the Emona citizen (Emonec) with a sarcophagus and a copy of the found statue on the column at the edge of Zvezda Park, and a partly reconstructed north entrance into the city a little more to the south. The high quality recovered sarcophagi are in the courtyard of the National Museum. An attentive walking visitor can find Roman spoils built into the facades of various buildings, from the Cathedral to the Castle.

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