Workshop for EDEN destinations in Slovenia

Workshop for EDEN destinations in Slovenia was held on 13th November 2014 in Laško, with main theme gastronomy in tourist offer of EDEN destinations in Slovenia. Prof. dr. Janez Bogataj presented gastronomy and culinary in Slovenia, with emphasis on EDEN destinations. Workshop focused on learning about gastronomy offer in EDEN destinations, good practices and useful recommendations for EDEN destinations. EDEN destinations presented their gastronomy offer, in particular Laško – last EDEN winning destination – who presented gastronomy offer in destination based on three main products – honey, herbs and beer. The green scheme for Slovenian tourism was also presented to the participants of EDEN workshop.
European Destinations of Excellence Network Meeting

9th EDEN Network meeting was held in Brussels on 21st October 2014. Meeting focused on further exploring benefits of the networking among the EDEN destinations with emphasis on new tourism trends, marketing through social media, innovativeness in promotion of destinations and the latest news about sustainable destination management. Slovenian EDEN destinations, members of EDEN network, participated to EDEN network meeting.
EDEN expert excursion

Within the framework of this year's EDEN project, in cooperation with Dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec, we organised an expert excursion to Austria for the members of the Slovenian EDEN network. This includes 14 Slovenian destinations – winners (Laško, Idrija, Kolpa River, Solčavsko Region, Soča Valley) and finalists (Radol'ca, Zeleni kras, Velenje, Mežica, Žiče, Bohinj, destination between Pohorje and Bohorje, Kozjanski park and Kranj) of the EDEN selections.

In Austria, we visited the culinary Vulkanland, Werfenweng village, where we became familiarised with the soft mobility project, and the Obir Cave in Geopark Karavanke.
The August presentation of EDEN destinations at 'Open Kitchen'

Each Friday this summer in Ljubljana, fans of good cuisine have been gathering at the event ‘Open Kitchen’.

This event is an outdoor culinary project that unites more than 40 different catering providers in Pogačar Square in Ljubljana. One can taste traditional Slovenian dishes as well as international culinary specialties at one of the many food stands set up in the square.

Considering that, along with local visitors, the event is visited by many foreign tourists, SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency has been participating in the event with an information desk and promotion of the I FEEL SLOVENIA trademark since it began. In August, in addition to the general tourist information, we presented the European Destinations of Excellence project as well as the destinations that received this title.
Late Summer & Autumn Holiday Tips from Slovenia

Are you looking for ideas to experience a different vacation, away from the packed seaside destinations and tourist centres? We have selected some attractive hints for a special experience in order to get to know Slovenia – in the refreshing environment of the Alpine peaks, invigorating rivers and thermal springs. For the end of summer or during the pleasant autumn months that are just perfect for exploration.

Read more in Newsletter August 2013.
The Laško Destination Receives the Title European Destination of Excellence 2013

Destination Laško – Confluence of Good is this year’s winner of the Slovenian EDEN selection. Slovenia thus received the fifth European Destination of Excellence title after those awarded to the Soča River Valley, the Solčavsko region, the Kolpa River and the town of Idrija. The ceremony awarding the European Destination of Excellence title at the state level was held in Laško on 5 June 2013. The destination will present itself on the European level for the first time in November 2013 in Brussels, where its title will be officially awarded by the European Commission.  
The Laško Destination Receives the Title European Destination of Excellence 2013 
Slovenia gets 5th Destination of Excellence

Destination Laško – The Confluence of Good is this year’s winner of the Slovenian selection of the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). After the Soča Valley, Solčavsko Region, Kolpa River and the town of Idrija, Slovenia has gained the fifth European Destination of Excellence. The official award ceremony of the European Destination of Excellence title at state level will be held on 5 June 2013. At the European level, the destination will first be presented in Brussels in autumn, where it will be awarded the title by the European Commission.   
Slovenia gets 5th Destination of Excellence
Three destinations competing for the title 'European Destination of Excellence 2013'

This year, seven destinations contended for the title EDEN 2013, while the expert committee selected three finalists. The winning destination will be announced at the beginning of May; the award will be presented at the beginning of June at a celebration in the selected destination.

The EDEN project is one of the key strategic projects of SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency, Slovenian Tourist Board, within the framework of which Slovenian destinations are encouraged to develop green tourism that considers the social, cultural and environmental aspects of sustainability, with the help of European financial aid.

Destinations that have been awarded with the most points are (in alphabetical order):
Laško – confluence of good;
Radol’ca and
Zeleni Kras - Green Karst.

Three destinations competing for the title 'European Destination of Excellence 2013' 
Expecting the fifth European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia
Within the framework of the European EDEN projectEuropean Destinations of ExcelleNce, SPIRIT Slovenia, Slovenian Tourist Board will, for the fifth year in a row, carry out the selection procedure for the European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia. The Slovenian destinations of excellence – Soča Valley, Solčavsko Region, Kolpa River and Idrija that gained the prestigious title European Destination of Excellence in the years 2008-2011 will be joined in 2013 by the fifth European Destination of Excellence in Slovenia.

The invitation to participate in the project was published on the www.slovenia.info/eden2013 website on Monday, 4 February 2013.

Press release
Call for applications for the selection of the European Destination of Excellence 2013
The first “In Your Pocket” guide to Slovenian EDEN destinations

Almost all the Slovenian EDEN destinations have been recording a higher number of overnight stays, especially by foreign tourists. The Soča Valley, the Solčavsko Region, the Kolpa River and the town of Idrija are destinations that have been paving the way in Slovenia and abroad for the last decade – in recent years, at a brisk pace – through the EDEN network and its promotional support.

This year, the EDEN project focuses on the promotion of existing EDEN destinations. A new promotional tool for this is the first In Your Pocket guide to Slovenian EDEN destinations.

The guide will be published shortly, with a circulation of 30,000 copies. It will be available in English at various sites, among which the Slovenian EDEN destinations will be included, i.e. in the valleys of the Soča and Kolpa rivers, the Solčavsko region and Idrija.

Check the guide attached or on the In Your Pocket website, where Slovenia has already been introduced and well represented.

EDEN Slovenia In Your Pocket
Late Summer & Autumn Holiday Tips from Slovenia

If you would prefer a more refreshing vacation in summer, away from hot seaside destinations, or you are looking for an active autumn vacation, then the European Destinations of ExcelleNce (EDEN) in Slovenia are the right choice. We have gathered attractive ideas for your active and green late-summer and autumn vacation.

Slovenian EDEN destinations in a new common brochure

To present the Slovenian EDEN destinations this summer, the Slovenian Tourist Board published a new presentation brochure that includes the stories behind the four Slovenian EDEN destinations; moreover, it also presents all the features and uniqueness in their offer. The brochure also includes key events in 2013.
Brochure   en
Brochure   ger
Brochure   ita
Brochure   fr
Press newsletter EDEN (July 2012)

In 2012, for the fifth year in a row, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is participating in the European Destinations of ExcelleNce (EDEN) project. Today, Slovenia prides itself on four EDEN destinations.

The STB has already applied to the new EDEN 2012/13 tender and if the project is approved for Slovenia, STB will begin with its selection activities at the national level at the end of 2012.

The Slovenian EDEN destinations almost all, as a rule, record above-average growth levels of overnight stays, especially by foreign tourists. The Soča Valley, the Solčavsko Region, the Kolpa River and Idrija are destinations that have strengthened their position in Slovenia in the last decade, especially in recent years, through the EDEN network and its promotional support. And they all await the summer with several new features.

Read more in Monthly press news July 2012.
Idrija ranked on the Unesco list

Within the 36th meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia that was held on 30 June 2012, the Unesco World Heritage Committee reached an important decision for Idrija – the 2011 EDEN winner – and Slovenia. The common nomination of Slovenia and Spain, entitled Heritage of Mercury, saw Almaden and Idrija ranked on the list of world cultural and natural heritage under the auspices of Unesco.
This is important news for Idrija and Almaden, including their heritage connected to mercury, which can be placed on the list of the most important cultural and natural monuments of all time. At the same time, this achievement is a result of intensive six-year common endeavours of Idrija and Slovenia as well as their Spanish partners. The common nomination of Slovenia and Spain focused on technical heritage connected to mines in Idrija and Almaden, where the largest mercury mines in the world were active until just recently; moreover, they specifically represent the importance of mining, technologies and industries associated with mercury.
The Unesco World Heritage Committee has justified the ranking of the Heritage of Mercury Almadén and Idrija (Slovenia/Spain) to the UNESCO list in the following way: `The property includes the mining sites of Almadén, where mercury (quicksilver) has been extracted since Antiquity, and Idrija, where mercury was first found in 1490 A.D. The Spanish property includes buildings relating to its mining history, including Retamar Castle, religious buildings and traditional dwellings. The site in Idrija notably features mercury stores and infrastructure, as well as miners’ living quarters, and a miners’ theatre. The sites bear testimony to the intercontinental trade in mercury, which generated important exchanges between Europe and America over the centuries. The two sites represent the two largest mercury mines in the world and were operational until recent times.`
This is another recognition for Idrija, which became the Slovenian EDEN destination in 2011; in 2011, winning destinations were singled out for playing a key role in reviving their region, bringing sustainable development and new life to run-down cultural, historical and natural sites and acting as a catalyst for wider local regeneration.
STB activities in 2012

In 2012
the STB will implement the EDEN Slovenia communication activities with aim to promote the EDEN destinations (4 winners, i.e. Soca Valley, Solcavsko, Kolpa river, Idrija, and to a certain extent also 11 runners-up chosen in Slovenia in the past 4 years). Through the EDEN project we will also raise a sustainable and green tourism awareness.

The aim of implementation of communication activities is:
- provide targeted public with a picture as complete as possible of what the EDEN project is;
- provide the EDEN destinations with visibility at domestic and international level;
- improve recognition of destinations’ diversity, uniqueness and quality;
- improve awareness of the importance of sustainability in tourism and of the adoption of sustainable tourist development patterns.

The main activities are:
- presentation at foreign fairs in Austria, Netherlands, Brussels and Germany;
press trip for foreign journalists;
- press trip for foreign tour operators;
website presentation at www.slovenia.info;
- EDEN in Slovenia In Your Pocket guide;
- EDEN promotional brochure.



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