Slovenia’s landscape is exceptionally diverse. To make it even easier for you to select which part of Slovenia to visit and what to do there, we have divided the country into twelve identifiable regions, and within them you can find out more about individual locations.

Slovenian Regions

In the individual Region you can also check what accommodation is available, where you can spend active holiday time, what events you can attend and more.

The Gorenjska region

If by some misfortune you were only allowed to visit one region of Slovenia, there is no doubt that Gorenjska would be a good choice. There, for example, you can enjoy views of wonderful Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj and the peaks of the Julian Alps and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, a wide range of outdoor activities in the resort town of Kranjska Gora , and strolls through the beautifully ...more

Goriška region - Emerald Route

The wonders of the Goriška region include the beautiful Alpine peaks and valleys of the Triglav National Park , the enchanting wine winegrowing areas of Goriška Brda and the Vipava Valley, and the hills around Cerkno and Idrija. One of the most distinctive and recognisable sights of the region is the emerald river Soča . In the upper part of the valley is the picturesque ...more

Coast and the Karst region

Yellow is the colour of the sun that strokes the picturesque Mediterranean towns on the Adriatic coast. Its rays are infatuated with the beauty of the Karst region planted with olive groves and vineyards, with peach orchards and cherry trees. Some of the most beautiful underground worlds of our planet lie below their roots. There are more than eight thousand karst caves and sinkholes in ...more

Central Slovenia

The Central Slovenia region is dominated by Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana, but the surrounding area also contains many sights worth seeing. A city by the river on which the mythological Argonauts carried the Golden Fleece, a city by a moor where the crannog dwellers once lived, a city with the rich heritage of Roman Emona, a city that was once the capital of the Province of Carniola and ...more

The Podravska region

The wider region around the river Drava contains many attractive tourist destinations offering natural and cultural sights of interest and a wide range of recreational and sports activities and gastronomic pleasures. From Maribor, Slovenia's second-largest city, and green Pohorje, unique among Slovenia's mountain regions, to winegrowing areas and thermal spas: the Podravska region has something ...more

Notranjska-Karst region

This is one region of Slovenia that you cannot get to know merely superficially. Literally. The beauties that lie hidden below the surface are even more astonishing than those that you can admire above ground in this undulating, largely forested region. Practically every square kilometre conceals one of several thousand karst caves. Not far from Postojna , the administrative, economic and ...more

South-east Slovenia

Hill vineyards and little hilltop churches, castles and monasteries, broad forests and groves of birch trees give the extensive region of south-east Slovenia a particular charm. Dolenjska, which joins hands with Bela Krajina across the beautiful Gorjanci Hills and, further up, with the Posavje region, is an area that offers countless opportunities to relax, explore and enjoy, to visit natural ...more


Koroška is considered the cradle of Sloveneness. Following the plebiscite of 1920, the greater part of Koroška (or Carinthia) became Austrian, with the result that the Slovenian Koroška region now consists of three valleys – the Meža, Drava and Mislinja valleys – and three mountain ranges – Pohorje, Karavanke and the Savinja Alps. The centre of the region consists of the 'conurbation' ...more

The Savinjska region

From one of the most beautiful alpine valleys past the medieval castle inspirations of the Celje Counts to mysterious Kozjansko, the Savinjska region offers secret corners of unspoiled nature, thermal and climatic health resorts, towns and cities with interesting pasts and lively presents, hospitable farms, places with sporting challenges... Logarska dolina , one of the most beautiful glacial ...more


The dreamy countryside along the Mura River in eastern Slovenia is a land of wide fields and rounded hills, storks and wind-rattles, floating mills, healing waters and energy points, picturesque winegrowing hills, original traditions and dialects, and most of all, a land of hospitable people, who live in Slovenia’s largest agricultural region. The most tourists are attracted to this part ...more

The Spodnjeposavska region

The Spodnjeposavska (Lower Sava) region, which takes its name from the lower course of the Sava, Slovenia's longest river, is characterised by a wide fertile plain, rounded hills planted with vineyards, extensive forests and several towns and villages containing important cultural sights of interest. Besides the Sava, two other important rivers have left their mark on this south-eastern corner ...more

Zasavska region

In central Slovenia, the undulating Posavsko hribovje hills spread on the both sides of the Sava River. Wagon roads once led across their picturesque peaks, but today the hills and the mountains above Litija, Zagorje, Trbovlje, and Hrastnik are mostly popular excursion destinations. These towns beside the Sava and close to the most important Slovene railway lines are full of mining ...more


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