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Prekmurje is the northeasternmost Slovenian region, which stretches between the left bank of the Mura River and Hungary. In the past this area had many pottery centres which produced a special type of black pottery. Today this tradition and the souvenir-making technique are kept alive by a handful of individuals.

Straw is still used to weave and put together various festive decorations, which are usually hung indoors, and cereal plant wreaths called »douž(n) jeki« or »lüjstri«. They were used as festive decorations during harvest and Christmas, also for weddings, but today they are often found hanging in people's homes and in food establishments. Another common natural material used for weaving various functional and decorative items is maize bast or husks.

The Prekmurje region successfully carries on the old tradition of decorating Easter eggs, which the locals call »remenke« or »rumenke«.

Two delicacies which are often bought as souvenirs by tourists are pumpkin oil and seeds.

Prekmurje ham, with a protected designation of origin, is also very popular and valued. Prekmurje ham is produced based on centuries of tradition of preserving pork legs. The product tastes like matured dry-cured meat and bacon, has a distinctive aroma with a hint of smoke, and contains moderate amounts of salt.


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