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Accommodation, , <STRONG>HOTELS IN SLOVENIA</STRONG><BR><STRONG></STRONG> <BR>The history of Slovenia’s hotel industry reaches back to the beginning of the 19th century when the first hotels were built in Ljubljana. Hotels in the then popular resort areas followed until the beginning of the 20th century, particularly at health resorts, which have an especially venerable tradition of hospitality. Today, hotel accommodation is available throughout Slovenia. Numerous new and renovated hotels categorized according to international standards offer the comfort and convenience desired along with numerous additional programs and services.<BR> <BR>Along with accommodation and outstanding culinary experiences, <STRONG><A href=/?_ctg_namestitev=0&srch=1&srchtype=sel&sqlst=330>the higher category hotels</A></STRONG> often offer wellness programs and congress facilities as well, and they can adapt the furnishing of rooms and apartments to the needs of businessmen or guests with special requirements. <BR> <BR><IMG SRC=/pictures/category/2003/9/6867_MS_07.jpg align=left>In addition to entertainment programs, some hotels offer <STRONG><A href=/?zabava=0&srch=1&srchtype=spc&wp_id=_wp_1319_0_57_2_0_14&searchKrajName_wp_1319_0_57_2_0_14=&searchStr_wp_1319_0_57_2_0_14=&searchCategoryId_wp_1319_0_57_2_0_14=1222>casinos</A></STRONG>, both the classic European casinos and the American-style casinos that more distinctively combine encounters with Lady Luck with relaxing entertainment programs.<BR> <BR>Hospitable hotels are found in Slovenia in both the larger cities and the numerous smaller towns and cities where <STRONG>small family hotels</STRONG> and <STRONG><A href=/?_ctg_namestitev=0&srch=1&srchtype=spc&wp_id=_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14&searchKrajName_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchStr_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchCategoryId_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=1250>boarding houses</A></STRONG> are becoming ever more frequent. There are also several <STRONG><A href=/?_ctg_namestitev=0&srch=1&srchtype=spc&wp_id=_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14&searchKrajName_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchStr_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchCategoryId_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=1259>youth hostels</A></STRONG> in Slovenia, and motels are available for travellers beside highways.<BR><BR><STRONG>PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION</STRONG><BR> <BR><IMG src=pictures/category/7/2003/selca-mala_13705.jpg align=left>On the Slovene coast, at health resorts, and in the region of the Julian Alps, there is a wide offer of <STRONG><A href=/?_ctg_namestitev=0&srch=1&srchtype=spc&wp_id=_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14&searchKrajName_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchStr_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchCategoryId_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=1241>private rooms</A> </STRONG>and <STRONG><A href=/?_ctg_namestitev=0&srch=1&srchtype=spc&wp_id=_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14&searchKrajName_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchStr_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=&searchCategoryId_wp_879_0_57_2_0_14=1235>apartments</A> </STRONG>for tourists, usually available through local tourist agencies and Tourist Information Centers. Elsewhere, there is less chance of finding private accommodations, but across Slovenia there are many possibilities to stay on tourist farms that offer many apartments and even bungalow accommodations at affordable prices. More than 230 categorized tourist farms are members of the Association of Tourist Farms of Slovenia. In Ljubljana, along with the usual tourist accommodations, the longer rental of business apartments is possible, and there are apartment colonies in several tourist areas.<BR> <BR>Private rooms can be rented in all tourist regions through the tourist offices, tourist agencies or directly. Rooms with showers and WC or rooms with hot and cold water in the room and common baths and WC are available.<BR> <BR><STRONG><A href=/?_ctg_namestitev=0&srch=1&srchtype=spc&wp_id=_wp_96_0_56_1_0_14&searchKrajName_wp_96_0_56_1_0_14=&searchStr_wp_96_0_56_1_0_14=&searchCategoryId_wp_96_0_56_1_0_14=118&lng=2>CAMPGROUNDS</A></STRONG><BR> <BR><IMG src=pictures/category/7/2003/camp_špik-mala_13704.jpg align=left>Slovenia

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