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Radgonska cesta 10, 9252 Radenci
++386 2 565 18 48

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Radgonska cesta 27, 9252 Radenci
++386 2 565 18 89
in the countryside
Healthy climate
History of Boračeva: Boračeva is one of the oldest places on the Mura Plain, mentioned in medieval documents. The first clear reference to the place is found in a deed issued between 1106 and 1124, which tells us that St Paul's Abbey in the Lavanttal (Austrian Carinthia), or rather its Abbot Vecelin, received from Engelbert Spanheim, among other properties in the vicinity of Radgona, the following: Boračeva ("Boratsowe"), Segovci ("Zegonewz"), Negova ("Negoine-zelo"), Plitvica ("Nablitwitz"), Pribissendorf (a location today unknown) and a further 12 villages and vineyards which are not mentioned by name but were in the area around Videm and Negova. That same century, the twelfth, these places were laid waste by the neighbouring Magyars. In circa 1193 Ulrich and Gottfried, two brothers from Maribor, illegally took possession of Boračeva and three other villages. Boračeva was known by several different names in the past: Boratsowe, Waratschaw (1395), the same in 1400 with the suffix "pri Muri" (by the Mura), Walatschaw (1404), Waratschaw (1445) – in this year the village had 15 houses, Waratschaw (1457) and Baratschaw (1461). A neoclassical chapel built in 1874 stands in the centre of the village. Sources: Milan Orožen Adamič, Drago Perko, Drago Kladnik, Priročni krajevni leksikon Slovenije, Ljubljana, 1996. 

Famous citizen : Leopold Stanek (*14.11.1908) 

Railway : Trainstation Murska Sobota 

Post Office : Post 9252 Radenci 
Panonska cesta 5 
++386 2 564 25 20 
Bus station : Bus station Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 27, 9252 Radenci 
Tourist association : Touris organisation Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 27, 9252 Radenci 
++386 2 565 18 89 
Medical center : Health center Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 2 
++386 2 565 10 16 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,6409 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,0232 
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Administrator : Zavod za turizem in šport Radenci | ++386 2 565 18 89 |
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