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Prosečka vas

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in the countryside
Healthy climate
Average summer temperature: 20 °C
Average winter temperature: -2,5 °C
The history of Prosečka Vas dates back several centuries, although it is not precisely known when the village first appears in historical records. The first houses were in the hamlet of Bezjak. The village expanded from here and was originally known as Köleš Völj. In time the name changed to Prosečka Vas. Some people connect the name to mendicancy or pigs, while it is also true that in ancient times much millet (proso) was grown here. There are no significant buildings in the village, but the natural setting is beautiful, particularly in Vreja, which is the location of the Pečarovci hunting lodge. Weekend cottages are also starting to appear here, meaning that Vreja is starting to thrive again. The people of Prosečka Vas can also boast a special "healing water". This is the name they give to a spring where, according to legend, a chapel once stood, before sinking into the ground. At one time large numbers of people used to come to this spring for water, because it was said that once a deaf man got his hearing back after washing with this water. Hence the name "healing water". As regards local clubs and societies, the volunteer fire brigade was founded in 1930 and the fire station was built in 1968, with a dairy shop and sanitary facilities added later. A five-a-side football club was founded 14 years ago and today has a well-maintained floodlit pitch. A lack of snow in recent years has meant that night ski jumping, a popular activity in Prosečka Vas, has had to be cancelled. It may be true that there are few notable buildings and no major events in the village, but on the other hand it is surrounded by still-untouched nature. It is also home to people who, by the sweat of their brow, strive for a better tomorrow. They try to ensure a bright future for the younger generation while at the same time remembering a past that was not always happy. They endeavour to model themselves on their ancestors, who always had time for their neighbours and were always ready with a friendly word and willing to help those in need. As the old saying so rightly puts it: "A good neighbour is worth more than a bad relative."


GPS Northing (N) : 46,7885 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1434 
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Administrator : Krajinski park Goričko | ++386 31 354 149 |
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