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Otovci lies in the far north of the municipality of Puconci at the heart of the Goričko region. The village extends across hills and valleys between two streams – Peskovski Potok and Mačkovski Potok – at a height of between 340 and 390 metres above sea level. Both streams rise in Otovci and follow different routes to eventually drain into the Black Sea. The village appears in records from 1366 as Othowcz or, in Latin, Othouch. Before the First World War it was known as Ottohasza and was part of the Hungarian county of Vasz. The western part of the village was called Pecznarovci and included almost half of present-day Otovci. The village is bounded to the east and north by extensive forests, a rich source of pure air, water and forest fruits. Wildlife is equally important, since it is an essential part of the natural environment, although local inhabitants are less happy about it because animals cause enormous damage in every season of the year. There are no longer any poachers, so foxes and deer and even wild boar reproduce unchecked and are becoming dominant in the agricultural and urban environment. It appears as though people are going to have to limit their living space to their own yards. Almost every family has at least one member employed in the city, abroad or with private employers. Houses have been rebuilt or newly built and naturally all are connected to the electricity and telephone networks. There are no longer any cart tracks, since carts pulled by animals are only a memory. Soon cattle will be no more than a memory too. Meadows and pastures are overgrown or are left blackened and burnt in the spring, disfiguring nature for a time. Idyllic corners suitable for a country walk and relaxation in natural surroundings can, however, still be found. None of the locals will disturb your peaceful enjoyment of the beautiful sights of this area, as you let yourself be entranced by the warbling of countless birds and the rustling of the forest leaves. Another interesting attraction here is the Fruit Garden, a garden of fruit trees planted by eminent Slovenes. A number of foreign dignitaries have planted trees here, too, so there is always an opportunity for high-level meetings without the need for strict protocol. The volunteer fire brigade, founded 71 years ago, has a long tradition in Otovci and plays an important role in the social life of the village. Many projects and campaigns for the development and progress of the village have been organised and carried out by the volunteer fire brigade. Otovci also has a five-a-side football club. Young people spend their free time playing football on a well-kept pitch (with a wonderful natural stand for spectators) and come together on various occasions at the community centre. Most of them continue their schooling in town, which is of course a good thing.  Food and drink are available from the Smodiš wine shop, the Grah open farm and the Pri Minimarketu bar. Many interesting things from the past have disappeared, and yet some still remain: the legendary friendliness and hospitality of the locals, people who have conserved this genuine character over the centuries, people whom history and nature have thrust from one extreme to the other, where the hard but fertile soil of Goričko has tempered and forged the tenacious and stubborn hearts of men and women who created their own living space by clearing the broad forests, using the timber to build their homes, and ploughing the earth into fertile fields to provide the bread with which to feed their large families. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,81 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1401 
Region: Pomurska
Place: Otovci
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Administrator : Krajinski park Goričko | ++386 31 354 149 |
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