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TIC Idrija
Mestni trg 2, 5280 Idrija
++386 5 374 39 16
720 m
Height above sea level
beside a river
in the countryside
in the mountains
Healthy climate
Zavratec lies at the slightly lower altitude of around 720 metres above sea level. During both World Wars, Zavratec was stuck just beside the state border with Italy and for that reason in its neighbourhood – similar to elsewhere along the Rapallo’s demarcation line- rampant smuggling prospered. Those times are still evoked by the school, the road from Mravljiše to Zavratec, and military outposts (caverns). 

Points of distinction :

Granary at the Pri Možinotu homestead

Tomaž s table

Bezjak waterfall

Matjaževe kamre caves



Automobiles : Idrija - Zavratec: 12,95 km 

Additional description : From the plateau-like landscape one may enjoy far reaching views across the sub-alpine mountains (Blegoš) all the way to Mt. Triglav, the Karavanke, and the Kamniške Alps. Fairly attractive is also the short marsch to Kovk and to the Peak of three Holy Kings, whereas in summertime the cool ravines of Jakopnik and Črna, with the Bezjak waterfall and the overhanging Hrečevec cliffs, may allure visitors. Above the village rises Kresni grič, wellknown for its tradition of bonfires. The mountain ridge Mravljiše (865m) slopes up at the village’s southern side. It is a watershed (dividing line between drainage basins) between the Adriatic and Black Seas, as well as a formidable belvedere, on which the Italians erected a stone orientation column. Above the Sovra River, more inquisitive travellers will be attracted by the well-known karst formation, Matjaž’s Chambers, with several entrances through which the water used to flow. During excavations in Matjaž’s Chambers, remnants of the cave bear, moose, species of ancient cattle, and marmot, as well as the tools and wapons of our ancient ancestors were unearthed; in lower layers, research confirmed the presence of Neanderthal man, whereas in higher-lying layers there were traces of Homo Sapiens. The Middle Age inhabitants of Zavratec were loggers, who were clearing the forests and making charcoal. In Spodnji Zavratec, the stonecutters (“štancarji”) had their workshop, and for this reason one may still find, throughout the village and its surroundings, many stone portals, pillars, stairs, and pavements, which were all hewn and carved by domestic master artisans. The heritage of stately farm estates is in its modernised version transferred to our times. In the midst of the village there stands the parish church of St. Urh, to which four over 200-year-old chapels are linked; extracts from the works of four evangelists are read in front of them during the procession of the Holy Corpus Christi. Among the paths crisscrossing the surrounding area, one may come across numerous religious landmarks as well. The first references to the church were recorded in 1630; according to folk tradition, however, the first chapel had been built in 1200, the extant late-baroque church is decorated by frescoes from the beginning of the 18th century. The characteristic peasant frescoes of the village are still preserved in the old Rupnik’s house, Možinatov’ granary, and Slabe’ house. Zavratec excels in a dynamic village life, which is in charge of the diligent and enthusiastic cultural association; the village choir and a theatre group are also highly active. Among events that are organised, one should mention various concerts, stage performances, literary soirees, and art exhibitions in the Farovž gallery. Twice a year the association publishes the village journal. Charcoal Maker, and organises summer art workshop for visiting artists.  
GPS Northing (N) : 45,9908 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,1306 
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