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503 m
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The name "Leskowicz pri Psičini" appeared for the first time in 1440. This information is written in the registers of the Minorites and the Dominicians from Ptuj. It is being assumed that Leskovec existed already before 1440 since the representative of church authority who administered the land along the brook Psičina at the junction of the road connections Ptuj-Cvetlin and Cirkulane-Podlehnik, is mentioned that very year.
The local community shaped itself around the church St. Andrej (Sv. Andrej), the school, the parish and the old inn "Vregova gostilna." The town comprises twelve villages: Belavšak, Berinjak, Gradišče, Mala Varnica, Repišče, Skorišnjak, Spodnji Leskovec, Strmec, Trdobojci, Velika Varnica, Veliki Okič and Zgornji Leskovec. The settlement is predominantly mountainous with steep hills, which make living here quite difficult. The majority of the young population moved to bigger cities because of jobs but the elder residents remained. However, in the past few years many of the young people have returned. They are building and renovating homes and that is very encouraging. Leskovec numbers 1350 inhabitants. The local community borders on Videm, Podlehnik and Cirkulane. We are connected to Croatia by a 7.5 kilometre long border with a border crossing at Cvetlin. Residents are predominantly concerned with viticulture. Pert of the income is also gained in nearby bigger industrial centres Ptuj and Maribor. The town has a school, the beautiful painted church of St. Andraž (Sv. Andraž), a new fire station, a commercial centre, a few inns, shops, a post office, and a health centre. On the border with Croatia two seccursal churches, St. Magdalena (Sv. Magdalena) and St. Augustine (Sv. Avguštin), can be found. They are situated on the highest hill of our local community (503 metres above sea level) and are both popular pilgrimage sites. You are wellcome to visit these sites throughout the year, especially on the name day of St. Andraž, a country festival in the midle of August. An ethnographic museum in Velika Varnica was opened, with the purpose of preserving the material cultural heritage of these settlements. During holidays the fiddlers with their homely, almost forgotten songs and customs find their costs repaid. There are still a few active associations in the local community: the firemen association (1928), the cultural association (1934), the pensioner association, the hunting club, the countrywomen club, the tourist association Klopotec (1997) and the sports association.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,3267 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,9349 
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