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in the countryside
Cirkulane, once also known under the name St. Barbara (Sv. Barbara), is incircled by vineyards, forests, pastures and fields.

Todays relief image of the settlement Cirkulane was shaped by the rivulet Bela together with its affluxes Belica, Duga as well as the rivulet Gradiški potok.
The hills in the sorrounding area reach up to 300 metres with the exception of the hill Vrbanjšak which is 412 metres high.
A few archaeologists and historians believe that man was attracted to the hilly world of the region Haloze, its pleasant climate and sunny patces, situated among bright forests, already in ancient times. Finds (six stone axes) bear witness to that. Some people also believe that the romans of Ptuj posessed vineyards in Haloze. The exact time of the first population in Haloze is not known. In the year of 811, Charlemagne, the king of the Franks, defined the river Drava as the border between the archdiocese of Salzburg and the Aquileian patriarchy. Cirkulane came under the rule of them latter. In those times the people of Haloze had become villains and had historicized the castle Borl. Everything chenged with the abolishment of the peasant serfdom in 1849. In the time of Maria Theresia reign, exactly in 1780 the school was initiated first. The area of Cirkulane comprises following hamlets: Brezovec, Cirkulane, Dolane, Gradišča, Gruškovec, Mali Okič, Medribnik, Meje, Paradiž, Pohorje, Pristava, Slatina, Veliki Vrh. The most important economic line is viticulture. Many locals had to find jobs in nearby factories in Ptuj and Maribor due to heavy work in the vineyards but also because of large families. One of Slovenia`s mightiest buildings is the castle Borl, built in the 11th century on a steep cliff above the river Drava. From there the mountain path takes us to the church of St. Anne (Sveta Ana), a pilgrimage site built in the 17th century. The town of Cirkulane is embelished by the church of St. Barbara (Sveta Barbara) with an incliend, 52 metres high bell tower. It was constructed in the 12th century whereby today`s image is from the 18th century. The church of St Elisabeth (Sv. Elizabeta) is also worth seeing. The beautiful hills of Haloze also inspired the Slovene poet Oton Župančič. When he visited the area in 1939 he stated: "New places, new miracles. Nice people. Pleasantly surprised by the picturesque region of Haloze." Main events and performances: during Carnival time all are invited to participate in the event called "fašenk", where the most original mask is being chosen. In the month of July on the name day of Anna, one can visit the pilgrimage church of St. Anna (Sv. Ana) above the castle Borl. The most lively part of the year is certanly the time of autumn when grape harvests take place together with celebrations of the Martinmas. Many performances take place at a centenary of a foundation of the cultural and educational association of Cirkulane.

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GPS Northing (N) : 46,3445 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,9955 
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