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Kapelski Vrh

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315 m
Height above sea level
in the countryside
Healthy climate
Kapelski Vrh (Slovenske gorice, Radenci) is a settlement that lies at between 312 and 314 metres above sea level and offers one of the most beautiful views in the hilly area of Slovenske gorice, since in fine weather it is possible to see 49 other bell towers from the parish church of St Mary Magdalen. Until 1951 the official name of the settlement was Kapela and people still call it by this name rather than Kapelski Vrh since the name Kapela has been retained in the name of the school, DPD Svoboda Kapela, Vinogradništvo in Vinarstvo Kapela, etc. Strictly speaking, Kapelski Vrh is a peak in the Radgona-Kapela Hills, lying between the Upper Mura Plain and the Ščavnica Valley. It is an extremely old settlement and is in fact mentioned in the land register of Ottokar II, created between 1265 and 1267. This dispersed, wine-growing settlement, consisting of a nucleus below Kapelski Vrh (312–314 metres), the hamlet of Hlaponci south-west of the nucleus, and numerous small houses, is the centre of the hill district known as Kapelske gorice. The district also takes its name from the settlement. Below the ridges and on the horseshoe-shaped slope below the peak to the south-east, large vineyards, fields and meadows extend on all sides. Of the wines produced here, the Traminer is particularly prized. The shady slopes to the north of the settlement are covered with mixed forest. Kapelski Vrh is bounded to the east by Paričjak and Turjanski Vrh, to the south by Zgornji Kocjan and to the west by Radenski Vrh. Most of the houses stand on the top of two ridges. These are former vineyard cottages bought up along with plots of land by vineyard workers employed by VGK under the post-war Vinedressers' Act. Other private owners are few and far between and for the most part live at the southern end of the settlement on either side of the peaks. In the past the winegrowing and winemaking concern VGK Kapela had around 800 hectares of fertile land (vineyards, orchards, fields, meadows, pasture, etc.) in Kapelski Vrh. In 1959 VGK Kapela built the modern Kapela winery and wine press in Paričjak. The famous Kapelski Biser has been produced here for years. Standing on the peak and commanding a fine view is the neoclassical parish church of St Mary Magdalen from the first half of the 19th century (the church was built in 1824), one of the first and most notable architectural features of the place. The first mention of a church on the site dates from 1617, while a chapel is mentioned here in as early as 1280. The chapel once stood on the highest elevation, the site of the present church. The chapel was built under the influence of the Benedictine monastery of Sankt Paul im Lavanttal (in Austrian Carinthia) and later references in historical sources are to be found in 1371, 1443, 1459, 1462 and circa 1480.  

Points of distinction :

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

The famous tourist viewing point is at the Church of St. Magdalene on the top of the Kapela Hill. The view from the hill is one of the most beautiful in the Slovenske gorice Hills. The rich fittings of the church originate from the times of the beginning of the Church in the early 19th century, although it was partly equipped in the middle and in the second half of the same century. In the year 2002 new musical organs were installed for the purpose of the worship of God and organ concerts. 
Famous citizen : Ljudmila Poljanec Nataša (1874-1948), born in Brežice, she lived in Kapela from when she was four years old and after finishing her studies she taught there for many years. Before WWI she was one of the most important poetesses. Under the poems which she published she used to sign using different pseudonyms such as Zagorska, Bogomila, Mirka, Milka, Nataša …; she is the author of poems which became popular such as "Ko so fantje proti vasi šli" and "Tam na vrtni gredi". At the 100th anniversary of her death at the old school in Kapela, a memorial plaque was unveiled in her honour. Also, at the 130th anniversary of her birth, her Poetry (Poezije) was reprinted.


Automobiles : The town is connected by asphalt roads to its surroundings and is well-accessible.
No vehicles allowed : The areas on the very top of Kapela, around the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and in the surroundings of the Kapela Primary School and the unit of Grozdek Kindergarten are all traffic-free zones.

Post Office : Post 9252 Radenci 
Panonska cesta 5 
++386 2 564 25 20 
Bus station : Bus station Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 27, 9252 Radenci 
Tourist association : Tourist organization Klopotec Kapela 
Kapelski Vrh 90, 9252 Radenci 
++386 2 565 18 89 
Medical center : Health center Radenci 
Radgonska cesta 2, 9252 Radenci 
++386 2 565 10 16 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,6165 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,0306 
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