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Tourist Information Center
Krekov trg 3
+386 3 428 79 36; +386 3 492 50 81

Old Castle Celje
Cesta na grad 78
+386 3 544 36 90
241 m
Height above sea level
beside a river
Where the Voglajna joins the Savinja River as it turns abruptly south toward the Sava, we find Celje, the third largest city in Slovenia. Its cultural legacy testifies to rich and turbulent centuries. Originally "Keleia", a Celtic settlement where Noricum coins were minted, in the period of Emperor Claudius it developed as "Celeia" into the most important Roman borough and a most important economic and military center.
Celje became the capital of a principality when the Counts of Celje were elevated to the status of princes in 1436. Allied with the German Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg, they struggled ever more bitterly ther Hapsburgs for political supremacy in Central Europe. When Count Ulrik II was assassinated in Belgrade by his Hugarian rivals in 1456, the cry "the Counts of Celje today and never again" marked the end of their dynasty and the city came under Hapsburg rule.
Celje defied natural disasters and enemies such as floods and the Turks and continued to develop its flourishing trade and commerce to strengthen its position as one of the most important cities in Lower Styria.
The railway brought industrialization in 1846, which marked the end of the old times and the transition into a new exciting century in which Celje became a city with a lively cultural and tourist beat, a highly developed social life, a commercial, trade and fair center, and attractive surroundings.


Points of distinction : Numerous cultural and historical treasures offering an outstanding review of history; offering a panoramic view of the Celje basin and the Savinjske Alps, the Old Castle and its ruins preserve the memory of one of the most powerful medieval families and the tragic love story of Friderik and Veronika. 
Famous citizen : dr. Ivan Dečko, lawyer, nationalist, politican Blaž Kocen, geographer and cartographer Alma M. Karlin, world traveller and author 
Association of Historic Cities of Slovenia

Local Tourist Board : Zavod Celeia Celje 
Krekov trg 3 
+386 3 428 79 30 
Post Office : Celje 
Krekov trg 9 
++386 3 424 36 00 
Bus station : Izletnik Celje 
Aškerčeva ulica 20 
Aškerčeva ulica 20 
Railway station : Celje 
Krekov trg 1 
++386 3 293 21 00 
Tourist association : Celje 
Cesta na grad 78 
++386 3 492 69 20 
Police : Celje 
Ljubljanska cesta 12 
++386 3 548 21 10 
Medical center : Celje 
Gregorčičeva 5 
+386 3 543 40 00 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,23 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,2639 
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Administrator : Zavod Celeia Celje | ++386 3 428 79 36 |
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