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Centro de información turística
TIC Trebnje
Goliev trg 5
++386 7 348 11 28
Número de habitantes
280 m
Altura sobre nivel del mar
beside a river
in the countryside
The Municipality of Trebnje is located in central Slovenia-in central Dolenjska to be exact-and lies at the junction of the Alpine, Dinaric, and Pannonian regions at an altitude of 280 meters. This is a major transit region that will be further distinguished in the future by the Karavanke-Obrežje expressway. This diversity of the region is reflected as much by its natural assets as by its cultural heritage. In the middle of the Dolenjska hills, along the Temenica, Mirna, and Radulja rivers, an unusual story unravels of the country, the life, the work, and the culture of the people who have lived here since prehistoric times as in a fairy-tale and who know how to look after the abundant life of the Trebnje Valley. That Trebnje has been an important traffic crossroads since ancient times has been proven by excavations of the old Roman settlement Praetorium Latobicorum. The region enjoys a temperate continental humid climate with an annual precipitation of around 1,200 millimeters.

Visit internet page: www.trebnje.si !

Oficina de correos : Trebnje 
Goliev trg 11 
++386 7 348 31 00 
Estación de autobuses : Trebnje 
Estación de ferrocarriles : Train Station Trebnje 
Kolodvorska ulica 1 
++386 7 298 51 34 
Asociación de turismo : Tourism Association Trebnje 
Baragov trg 1 
Policía : Police station Trebnje 
Goliev trg 14 
++386 7 346 26 50 
Sanidad pública : Health center Trebnje 
Goliev trg 3 
++386 7 348 17 40 
GPS Northing (N) : 45,9077 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,0064 
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Administrator : Občina Trebnje | ++386 7 348 11 38 |
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