IS and e-business Development Department

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The Department for the Development of IS and e-business ensures the unimpeded operation and uploading of content on the official Slovenian tourist information portal and the central reservation system included in the portal. It coordinates the network of local administrators who provide their own presentation on, and gives them the proper training for this. It also offers IT support to associates and partners in applications for events, web advertising and innovative projects. It monitors new developments and trends in the IT field in tourism, and adapts its operational guidelines accordingly. In regular periods of three years the department draws up the ITIS Strategy, with which the SPIRIT Slovenia seeks directly (through projects and financing) and indirectly (guidelines and recommendations) to influence the future image of the tourist information system. It takes care of the administration of CRM databases and other business applications within SPIRIT Slovenia.

The department also works to ensure the proper presentation of partners on the website, to present their tourist services through written records, additional highlighting on individual presentational web pages, web advertising with banners on introductory or selected sub-pages, it provides news of current new features and once a year it organises a professional seminar (motivational meeting) for all content administrators of the portal, and this is attended by recognised local and foreign experts in the field of tourism IT.

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For more information, please contact:

- Ms Aleksandra Jerebic Topolovec
  Project Manager
  phone: +386 1 589 85 68
  e-mail: aleksandra.jerebictopolovec(at)



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